“The self management software is comprehensive and easily completed, it was really handy to get access to it through my phone. Due to a recent work move to America I have switched to a flexible management, the team have been great, dealing with the transition of my residence to a rented property and taking on my already rented house. The transition was simple and all i had to do was apply the permissions. Since handing them over no job has been too small and the engagement with my tenants has been excellent, being able to see how management is progressing through the software is really good and gives me confidence it is all happening in good time . Definitely recommended.”Mark Shaw - Washington DC
“I had to move out of my property at short notice due to work sending me abroad. I spoke with Al the company director and he was very professional and helpful. As he has a Military background he fully appreciated my short notice move and supported me throughout, helping with paperwork and ensuring the advertisement was online as quickly as possible. He managed to find a number of clients and provided his feedback on each as to suitability for my personal situation. This worked really well and we only had the property vacant for less than 2 weeks with a really good tenant in place. We are now on the other side of the world and are comfortable that our property is in good hands and is being well looked after. As stated on one of the other reviews the website had a few teething issues as a new company, but these were resolved quickly and efficiently. We even managed to source a good plasterer at short notice through the website at a good price – this was impressive as we had called a number of local plasterers and was getting frustrated with the overprice or unavailability of them – but a quick post and we were away. Highly recommended service. Good work Al.”Paul Bastiaens - Singapore
“ARNO kindly informed its members of the newly created Arula website, designed to assist those who are in the property management business, whether as self-managed properties or to be in the loop if managed by an agent. I have spent the day setting up our own page on Arula and, given we have five properties, it has made me realise just how far and wide I have had to search in order to complete the details. One document for the EPC rating – another to locate the serial number for the water meter; gas meter; electricity meter; yet another for the next gas inspection etc. etc. When all the questions are multiplied by five this has involved searching many dozens of documents. Clearly it is high time we brought all this disparate information together into one marvelous website. I cannot recommend Arula highly enough, along with its Director, Al Scott, who couldn’t have been kinder or more helpful.”Former WRNs - ARNO
“Outstanding Full Management service, attentive a quick to respond to my tenants and to me. HIghly recommended”James Blake
“We have lived in Denmead for mere two months, but from the day we were introduced to Al and his team, they have been a great example of an efficient property management company, helping us settle into our new home effortlessly and stress free. The team is always there for us and with the most positive and lovely attitude. Al is never too busy and he makes even the smallest problems a priority. Not only does he care for us as tenants, but for the owners and the building as well, going out of his way to address and resolve any concerns or queries as swiftly as possible. He respects our needs as tenants, but is also very considerate of the landlords requests. We are delighted with the services we have received so far, looking forward to continued mutually beneficial relationship and will most certainly highly recommend Al and Arula.”Slavena - Hampshire
“Fantastic website and company. Although a young company, I have found Arula to be a fantastic resource. Their software has some minor teething issues as one would expect but they have been quick to jump on my suggestions and fix them. They even listen to ideas about how to improve the site and have added a feature I suggested. I feel privileged to have found this site at this stage and have got in early to something great. Al has been wonderful to work with! Five stars.”Steve Weir
“Responsive and professional. Care is taken for the property and the tenants. Highly recommended.”H Kay

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