From time to time all landlords require some support, this could be as simple as asking about new legislation, needing a new tenant or managing your property for a period.

Arula aims to support you and your investment throughout your journey as a landlord. We can offer the assistance you need whether it is simple or complex.

Within the FREE self management software you will find:

  • Helpful explanations to simplify important and new governmental legislation which are also published on our Social Media feed
  • Access to useful landlord specific tax information
  • Documentation such as example tenancy agreements, inventories, property maintenance guides, Tenant welcome packs and property top tips
  • Links to useful and important sources of information from innovative design solutions through to fire regulations
  • Links to tradesmen across the country, with reviews via Rated People
  • Financial analysis and useful yield calculations for your investments
  • We also can provide access to our team of Chartered building surveyors who can offer professional advice for remedial works and construction
Self management tools

Should you still wish to find out more or ask a bespoke question relating to your property situation you can email

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