“Arula” derived from Latin meaning “The Hearth” will be the focal point of your property.

Since 2002 this property management software has been used to manage an independent portfolio. Following continual enhancement the software has been prepared to offer a Flexible Property Management solution to ensure successful management in todays busy environment when sticking to Self or Full Management just isn’t enough.

Over time enhancements have been added in the form of on-line forums, access to professional tradesmen, the communication and finance hubs, all created in an effort to provide a comprehensive property management platform that can support self managing landlords.

Arula Logo

The software available today has been refined and produced by Interpro Technology to provide a user friendly self management database.

Behind the software lies a dedicated team of qualified and experienced property managers who remain ready to assist with or take on property management.

Arula has been specifically designed to be the focal point of your property providing flexible management able to save both time and money, whether you choose to self manage, or take advantage of our comprehensive property management service… the point is, you can choose instantly. #liberatelandlords

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