Why I set up Arula. A short message from our founding Director.


It’s Autumn 2014 and I’ve had another busy day in the Royal Navy. I’m at sea at anchor just outside Devonport, the night before another Thursday war. I receive a call from my tenant saying that the boiler in my house has not come on and they are without hot water or central heating. I think great, just great, just what I need, but of course reply “no problem, I’ll get it sorted.”

I was only at sea for two weeks and figured it would be alright for such a short period of time. I also knew that no agent offered short term letting management. While I dial through Checkatrade’s recommended boiler repairers, I decide that there is no way I’ll be using long term management again.  Over the years I realise I have paid out thousands, only to visit my house and find it trashed. No I think, ‘if you want something done right, do it yourself,’ it was just a matter of how…

And so Arula was born. It was this experience that drove me to create the software that powers Arula’s property management software. Arula means ‘hearth’ in Latin; a focal point, central in every property. The software is designed to give you, the landlord, the tools to self manage and be accessible quickly and easily from your smartphone.

Arula offers landlords the full ‘orchestra’ of property management, and the flexibility to hand over the property for short term management instantly. It covers all bases and can save £’000s a year in unnecessary or under-performing management agents.  I am proud of the software we have created and look forward to helping many landlords experience the benefits of choosing Arula.

Al Scott