Property Management for the 21st Century

Arula - Property Management for the 21st Century

Arula is taking property management in a new direction. Please take a few moments to understand what we can provide to you, and best of all, it’s free.

Customer Focus

As landlords ourselves we know what you need, so we have included in our software:

  • Financial breakdowns and analysis to provide details of individual property or an overview of your portfolio, yield, income and expenditure helping to support self assessment tax returns.
  • Chat pages bringing you, agent, tenants and tradesmen together.
  • Access to organisational calendars.
    • Task managers and access to 70,000 tradesmen, across the country.
    • All the advice and documentation for successful management.
    • Accessible on mobile, tablets or computer keeping your data secure accessible and organised in one place.


    For Landlords with 1-3 properties, Arula provides its software free for 6 months, with no sign up fees or registration costs, it is instantly accessible using a smart phone, tablet or computer and provides you with all the tools to manage your property yourself if you choose to.

    Arula also offers flexible management options so you can pass management responsibility as and when you need it instead of committing to long term contracts.

    All these innovations save on overheads and these savings are passed onto you the landlord, and hopefully you will pass these on to your tenants and tradesmen. So it helps everyone.

    Unlike traditional agents we at Arula are free from crippling overheads associated with maintaining a high street presence and the staff to man them. With data already in the software provided by you the cost of property data collection is reduced and all these savings are passed onto you the customer.

    Online Flexibility

    Because your property data is held centrally in a secure database that is controlled by you, when you want additional support you can allow access to Arula and the management team; who can take over responsibility for management instantly. You are able to take back responsibility whenever you choose never losing ultimate control or oversight of your property.



    Traditional estate agents tend to use email and private phone calls to complete their management responsibilities which minimises your oversight. The tenant is unable to provide feedback freely, raising questions such as are they being looked after? Are you getting value for money or a good service?

    We are proud to boast that we offer transparent management, we use the same software that we provide to you: work is completed in full view of you the Landlord, your tenant and your tradesmen. Your property communications forum allows interaction with tradesman, tenants and you the Landlord, so all parties can contribute to the eventual solution. You are therefore never outside the communications loop.

    Flexible management

    When combined with powerful flexible management service; which offers you comprehensive management services for anything from a month to a year, we have all your bases covered.

    Arula, gives you the landlord the tools, advice and the ability to manage a property, completely free of charge. Whilst providing peace of mind with options for short term or long term management, what more could you wish for?