Flexible management

If you want the best of both comprehensive property management and the savings delivered by self management then here is your solution, you might be :

  • A busy professionals and can’t always respond
  • Serving Miltary/MOD
  • Retired and want to spend time away enjoying retirement
  • Going on holiday
  • Wanting the peace of mind, so that if self management becomes too difficult, responsibility can be transferred quickly to Arula

Whatever your circumstances, Arula gives you the choice to instantly switch from full property management to self management and back again. So, when you need or want to take a break, hand responsibility over quickly to the us at Arula and we will provide full property management.

How does it work:
Step 1 – You must first register which is FREE with no obligation
Step 2 – Complete the mandatory information about the property
Step 3 – Switch between self and comprehensive property management

Flexible property management is available for a minimum of 4 weeks but we can offer shorter upon request; so contact us if you want short property management.

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