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You can use the software to manage your property for free, if you want to take a break, ensure you have uploaded a valid gas safety certificate and ensure the mandatory data fields are completed you will be asked to make payment for monthly for the service you receive, go to permissions and let arula manage my property and we will deal with reported maintenance issues for you.
You invite the tenant to gain access to the profile in the tenancy section, they can then gain access to the chat forum, within which you can chat about subjects and save threads of information
By completing a workflow you can post on Rated people through their links to Arula giving you access to 70,000 tradesmen nationwide. The quotes will be emailed from Rated People so you must already be a member of Rated people
You will get three quotes from Rated people and can pick your favourite
Yes, however we will need a point of contact to provide access to the property or a contact to acquire the necessary property information, this service is geographically restricted and will incur an additional fee
No you don’t, provided you have uploaded a picture or attached a scanned receipt to the cost within the financial section
Yes, you can view breakdowns of income and expenditure of each property or all of them together, you can even download the information ready for an accountant or HMRC self assessment
Because we as Landlords have had some bad experiences with some high street management agents, we created the software to assist us in management, we hope it will help you too.

If you have any questions not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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