A military approach to property management

Arula Military Approach to Property Management

Arula was originally designed to support military personnel who are also Landlords. Their needs as Landlords are unique and are as varied as their working environment. In addition to the normal requirement for property management, military landlords also present some unique challenges which are common to all 3 services:

  • Access to property data any where at anytime, using a web connected tablet or smart phone.
  • The ability to use the data in a time limited environment, where connectivity was not always constant, requiring management to be completed in short periods of time.
  • The database had to be user friendly with a property centric communications hub. Being able to bring tenants and tradesmen together was essential, as it minimises the need for multiple emails saving time.
  • When self-management was impossible due to geographic or connectivity constraints, military landlords need access to¬†flexible short term management, to cover periods of deployment or exercises.

By solving these issues we have achieved an innovative online property management solution available to everyone. Arula provides its software for free, bringing property management into the 21st century, designed to suit you the customer rather than the agent.

Arula is innovative and forward leaning, we aim to shake up the property rental sector adding choice, flexibility and value for money to a tired, expensive and old fashioned industry which is desperately in need of change.